HUMZA Yousaf used FMQs to point out that Douglas Ross is the least popular elected politician in Scotland – and he wouldn’t be taking any lessons from the “desperate” MSP.

The First Minister called out the Scottish Tory chief for making “personal attacks” against minister Maree Todd.

“Personal attacks from a man who is the least popular elected politician on these islands by any poll estimation,” he told the Chamber.

As Ross signalled that Yousaf’s popularity rating was approaching his, the FM responded: “The best retort Ross is ‘I’m catching you up’ – you’re still the most unpopular leader, elected politician in this country, by quite a country mile.”

Yousaf’s comments sparked applause in the Chamber with heckling from the Conservative benches.

What are Douglas Ross's approval ratings?

It comes after a recent Survation poll, carried out from April 27 to May 3 on behalf of True North, found Ross’s approval rating was the worst among Holyrood party leaders at -20.

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The National: Scottish Conservative Conference at the SEC, Glasgow, Friday. Scottish Conservative party leader Douglas Ross MSP giving his keynote address.

  Photograph by Colin Mearns
28 April 2023

Anas Sarwar, the Scottish Labour chief, was at +5 – though only 55% had a view on him. A quarter said he was neither favourable nor unfavourable, and nearly 20% either didn’t know or hadn’t heard of him.

Yousaf’s approval rating was also down at -12, as 29% and 41% disapprove of his performance as SNP leader so far. A further 21% said they neither approve, nor disapprove.