DUNDEE rockers The View have issued an apology to fans after their London show was cancelled after last night's bust-up in Manchester.

A video circulated on social media shows The View's lead singer Kyle Falconer being held back by crew members and guitarist Pete Reilly, as the frontman shouts "I'll f***ing kill you," to the band's bassist Kieran Webster.

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The Dundee trio were playing down in Manchester at the Deaf Insitute last night as part of their comeback tour.

The statement posted on Twitter read: "Unfortunately we are having to postpone tonight's London show. 

"Our promoter is working to resolve the situation. Please keep hold of your tickets for now and we will make a further announcement in a few days.

"Massive apologies to all our fans."

The bust-up came on Webster's birthday – just hours after the Facebook page publicly wished him a happy birthday.

On a video posted on to Instagram, shows the full extent of the fight as Falconer throws down his guitar.

One person said: "I think I’ll pause buying the academy 2 tickets then."

Another added: "Having just purchased tickets for Cambridge in November I'm not convinced we'll be going now..."

While a different user posted: “Well that’s them done before it even started.”

A fourth wrote: "I'm in total shock. It was mint, too. Don't know what the f*** kicked all that off but Kyle has serious anger issues to go from 0-60 so quickly. Ruined a class night."

The band are due to play TRNSMT this summer, alongside a number of different festivals up and down the country.