A VIDEO circulated on social media shows The View's lead singer Kyle Falconer being held back by crew members, as he shouts "I'll f***ing kill you".

The Dundee trio were playing down in Manchester at the Deaf Insitute last night as part of their comeback tour.

The footage on Twitter shows Falconer swinging a punch and shouting, at the band's bass player Kieran Webster, while crew members and the guitarist Pete Reilly try to calm it down.

Fans can be heard shouting at Kyle as he tells the audience: "The problem with this band is he wants to sing the songs and he canny, right, so I'll see you later."

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In another clip also shared on social media, he then appeared to apologise to the crowd before suggesting Webster should “finish the set himself”.

On a video posted on to Instagram, shows the full extent of the fight as Falconer throws down his guitar.

One person said: "I think I’ll pause buying the academy 2 tickets then."

Another added: "Having just purchased tickets for Cambridge in November I'm not convinced we'll be going now..."

While a different user posted: “Well that’s them done before it even started.”

A fourth wrote: "I'm in total shock. It was mint, too. Don't know what the f*** kicked all that off but Kyle has serious anger issues to go from 0-60 so quickly. Ruined a class night."

The bust-up came on Websters birthday – just hours after the Facebook page publicly wished him a happy birthday.

The National: Falconer was at the forefront of last nights eventsFalconer was at the forefront of last nights events

The band were due to play a show in London tonight but have cancelled – but haven't publicly said if it was due to last night's events.

The band are due to play TRNSMT this summer, alongside a number of different festivals up and down the country.