KEIR Starmer’s Labour Party is allowing a senior adviser twice found guilty of sexual harassment to keep his job, according to reports.

Starmer’s party took three years to probe the complaint of groping levelled against an unnamed aide to a frontbench MP, before concluding that it had to be upheld.

Parliamentary investigators, in a separate probe, also upheld the complaint against the senior Labour staffer, made by a woman 20 years younger than him.

According to Politico, the woman said she had been “let down” by the process after Labour said they would only issue the man with a written warning.

She told that outlet: “This ordeal has made me feel let down twice — by the man who chose to make me feel intimidated and vulnerable in my workplace, and by the party which appears to be content to let him keep his job and risk other young women facing the same experience.”

Politico said it had been independently approached by other people with concerns about the same senior aide to a Labour frontbench MP, who they would not name for legal reasons.

A Labour spokesperson said: “Complaints relating to sexual misconduct are reviewed and ultimately determined by an independent process that has been fully operational since April 2022.

“We would encourage anyone who experiences misconduct to use any available process before them, whether that be the Labour Party’s independent process, parliament’s Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme, or the police.”