SCOTS were the most likely in Britain not to watch any of the live coronation coverage, according to a new poll.

The survey, published by YouGov, found nearly half of people north of the border – 47% – did not tune into any coverage of the official crowning of King Charles III and Queen Camilla on Saturday.

Just 12% said they watched all of it live – the lowest in Britain along with the north of England region.

But overall just 13% of people across Britain said watched it live, with nearly a third – 31% - failing to tune in to any of it.

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In Scotland, 8% said they watched most of it live, while 20% said they watched some of it live.

A further 10% said they saw some of it afterwards on catch-up channels or news clips.

A peak audience of 20 million tuned in to watch King Charles be crowned at a lavish ceremony in Westminster Abbey, the Radio Times reported earlier, meaning it failed to crack the top 10 list of Britain’s most-watched TV events.

Meanwhile the poll also revealed a lack of interest in the events surrounding the coronation at the weekend in Scotland.

Less than one in 10 – 9% - of people in Scotland – went to some kind of celebration, but 87% said they did not – while 4% were recorded as saying they did not know.

The National:

It was only higher in Wales, where 88% did not go to an event and 10% said they did attend.

London had the highest number of event attendances at 23%, but overall nearly eight out of 10 people – 79% - across Britain did not attend any celebrations linked to the coronation, such as street parties or a Big Lunch, which was an official part of the weekend.