SCOTLAND’s First Minister Humza Yousaf made the front page of France’s most popular newspaper at the beginning of the month.

On May 3, an image of Yousaf and his family standing outside Bute House appeared on the front page of Le Monde.

In 2022, statistics showed the newspaper was the most popular when it came to daily sales across France.

This was followed by a profile inside the paper where it points out that Yousaf is the first Muslim leader of a western nation.

The First Minister was legally sworn in on March 29 and recently spoke with Holyrood magazine about his start to the role.

He said that the arrest of the SNP’s former chief executive Peter Murrell was “gut-wrenching” as he revealed the “frustration” it has caused him in the first few weeks in office.

He said he “couldn’t believe” the news when it emerged that Murrell, the husband of Nicola Sturgeon, was arrested and later released without charge.

However, he said he was not expecting anyone to “pull out a small violin” but revealed he had been working until midnight in a bid to rebuild his party.

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He also spoke highly of the Bute House Agreement, saying: “The Greens will push us hard on a number of issues, it involves us having to compromise, and that’s not a bad way at all of doing politics.

“But for me as First Minister, having that majority in the chamber is worth its weight in gold.”