RISHI Sunak is set to face a no confidence vote in the House of Commons after returning from the coronation recess on Tuesday.

LibDems leader Ed Davey said he will table a confidence motion in the Government in a bid to trigger a General Election following the Conservatives’ humiliation in last week’s local elections in England.

Davey said: “Time’s up for Rishi Sunak and his out-of-touch Conservative Government.

“The local elections showed that the public clearly has no confidence in Sunak or the Conservatives, so it’s time for a General Election now.

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“There’s only one reason Rishi Sunak would deny British people a say at the ballot box: because he is running scared and knows he’d lose.

“It’s time for these out-of-touch Conservatives to face the music for their appalling failures on the cost of living, the NHS, sewage and so much more.”

It is unlikely to be successful as the Prime Minister commands a majority in the Commons.

The last time a no confidence vote felled a Government was in 1979 when the minority Labour administration of James Callaghan lost by one vote.