CLIMATE campaigners are calling on the Scottish Government to set a date to end the use of oil and gas within this decade.

Friends of the Earth Scotland made the call ahead of the government’s public consultation on its draft energy strategy and just transition plan closing on Tuesday.

The group said the strategy lacked a coherent plan to achieve its aims and urged the Scottish Government to “bite the bullet and set a clear direction of travel and how we are going to get there”.

Along with the demand for a date to end fossil fuel use, the campaigners are also calling for the final version of the strategy to include a rejection of new fossil fuel infrastructure and over-reliance on carbon capture.

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They also want clarification that the 2030 decarbonisation target will be met solely by renewable energy and a detailed green jobs creation plan with ways for oil workers to switch sector.

Friends of the Earth Scotland’s head of campaigns Mary Church said: “The final destination of this strategy is bold but there is no coherent plan for how we will get there.

“If Scotland is to stop missing climate targets, it needs to get off fossil fuels and deliver the wide-ranging transformation needed in public transport, home insulation and renewable generation that can help slash climate pollution and tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

“There is no time to lose. The Scottish Government must bite the bullet and set a clear direction of travel and how we are going to get there.

“As part of that we need a clear end date for oil and gas within this decade and a detailed plan on how affected workers and communities will be supported through the transition.

“Ministers must stop clinging to the dangerous illusion that carbon capture can deliver the urgent step change needed in Scotland’s climate efforts, and focus on delivering a fully renewable energy system by 2030.

“Profit-driven energy bosses have long failed to deliver an energy system that works for households or creates enough decent green jobs in Scotland.

“Humza Yousaf must build on his promise to take stakes in future offshore wind projects and make sure that a public energy company is set up swiftly to share the benefits of our energy resources more fairly and drive the just transition.”

The Scottish Government has been contacted for comment.