THE National’s petition to strip Prince Andrew of his Scottish title is closing in on 5000 signatures.

We previously told how Inverness locals felt the Earl of Inverness had brought their city into “disrepute” with one saying he was “not fit for man nor beast” and another adding that he had a “serious attitude problem”.

Buckingham Palace has confirmed that Andrew will have no formal role in the coronation.

The National started a petition to strip the Duke of York of his Scottish title and it has received backing from the likes of Jeremy Vine and Alastair Campbell.

It currently has just short of 4900 signatures. 

Upon the launch of the petition, Tommy Sheppard, an SNP MP and his party’s constitution spokesperson at Westminster told The National: “Prince Andrew’s reputation is toast. To think that he continues to claim lordship over Inverness is an utter disgrace.

“But of course, the entire feudal concept of royalty and inherited titles has no place in a modern democratic society. It perpetuates inequality and reinforces a hierarchical class system of a bygone era.


“Let’s start a precedent for stripping all of them of unearned titles and elevated status, beginning with Andrew.”

A poll conducted by Find out Now for The National earlier this year found that just 7% of Scots believed Andrew should be allowed to keep the title.

A spokesperson for Our Republic, who will hold a rally in Edinburgh later today, said Andrew retaining the title was “an open display of contempt” for the people of Inverness.

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“Andrew’s continued claim to Inverness, a city he has no connection to other than as another title to bolster his ego and sense of status, is an open display of contempt for the people who call the city home and for democracy.

“This practice of awarding cities via titles as gifts between an out of touch and corrupt aristocracy should be put behind us, let Andrew be the first of many to go”, they said.