NIGEL Farage and Donald Trump are to discuss the “state of Scotland” in a GB News interview after blanking all other media.

The former UKIP leader is a presenter on the conservative news channel and describes himself as a “firm friend” of the former US president, who is facing criminal charges in the US for alleged hush money payments made to a porn star before the 2016 election.

Trump touched down in Scotland on Monday as part of a trip to his golf courses in Aberdeen and Ayrshire and will meet on Wednesday for a live interview at his Turnberry estate.

Farage said: “We’ll talk about the President’s view on the state of Scotland; the Royal Family ahead of the Coronation; his personal legal issues in the United States; his take on British politics, especially on Rishi Sunak’s leadership so far, and of course his future political plans.”

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It is the only interview Trump will give while in Scotland after he refused to take questions from assembled journalists when he landed in Aberdeen this week.

The Scotsman reported that media were ordered off his estate in Ayrshire when he arrived in a nine-vehicle motorcade on Tuesday.

The former US president branded former first minister Nicola Sturgeon a “failed woke extremist” when she announced her resignation.

Her successor Humza Yousaf said he would find it “difficult” to meet with the former president and not bring up past comments Trump had made about Muslims.