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PRINCE Andrew’s ex-girlfriend has said she would put “all those protesting” against the monarchy “in jail pre-coronation” – then release them once the celebrations are over.

Lady Victoria Hervey, who is a socialite, aristocrat, and former “it girl” who dated the Duke of York in the 1990s, made the comment while discussing the risk of protesters at the coronation this week on GB News.

In a segment considering “The Clash” between the monarchy and the public, the panel of American “royals expert” Kinsey Schofield, activist and republican Peter Tatchell - who had just confirmed he would be protesting the coronation at Trafalgar Square - and Hervey joined Dan Wootton.

Hervey began by saying that changes to the rule of the pledge should never have been changed, as it has “backfired”. 

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Wootton asked Hervey, “You have no time for anti-monarchists, do you?” which she confirmed and was then asked, “How do you feel about Peter protesting?”

She replied: “You look like a nice enough man, but my feelings when I was asked about this was if it was like illegal immigrants going against the crown, then I would just tell them to leave and go and live in Russia or China or in a communist country where there is no sovereign, where there is no royal family.”

Tatchell responded by saying: “Putin is making quite a good show of it acting like a new Tsar.”

This led Hervey to say: "If I was in charge of this coronation, I'd arrest all the heads of all those people that would be protesting. I would put them all in jail like pre coronation and then release them after."

Tatchell looked on amazed, Schofield scoffed – likely in shock that someone had said that sentence, and Wootton asked: “Even if they haven’t done anything criminal?” to which Hervey clarified if they had “any record” of doing any protesting, including climate protesters, they should be arrested.

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Wootton then questioned the pledge asking for loyalty to be promised to both Prince Andrew and Prince Harry, when the public had “lost faith in them both”.

Hervey made a substantive claim against the women who have given evidence against Prince Andrew, and then fell flat when pressed.

In defence of Prince Andrew specifically, Hervey told Wootton, “I’m going to send you a 200-page document on those girls which tell you everything”

She then defended him as someone who wanted to be involved in the royal family but couldn't because he had been “falsely accused” of crimes.

When she was asked if she would be happy pledging allegiance to Prince Harry, she replied with a long “Um….” and no answer.

I guess loyalty isn't blind and you can pick and choose based on who you like...

Hervey is the eldest child of the 6th Marquess of Bristol and previously caused controversy in 2003 by saying: "It's so bad being homeless in winter. They should go somewhere warm like the Caribbean where they can eat fresh fish all day."