PRINCESS Anne has said slimming down the monarchy is “not a good idea” as it provides “long term stability” for the UK.

King Charles's sister was interviewed by CBC News about recent polling suggesting there are fewer people who would like to see the monarchy continue and how the family deals with that ahead of the coronation on Saturday.

In response, the Princess Royal admitted the coronation was a moment for people to discuss the royal family’s relevance. 

But she insisted she would not engage in such conversations as the monarchy provides a “degree of long term stability that is actually quite hard to come by in any other way”.

Asked about the idea of a "slimmed down" monarchy, the Princess said it was originally proposed "when there were a few more people around".

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"It doesn't sound like a good idea from where I'm standing, I would say. I'm not quite sure what else we can do," she said.

Reports have previously suggested the King plans to reduce the number of working royals and the size of his staff in order to reduce the cost of the institution.

Asked whether there were conversations about relevance given recent polling, she added: “There will be, everywhere.

“It’s not a conversation I would necessarily have. I think it’s perfectly true that it is a moment where you need to have that discussion but I would just underline that the monarchy provides, with the constitution, a degree of long-term stability, that is actually quite hard to come by in any other way.”

Princess Anne also criticised the media, suggesting they do not pay enough attention to the work the royal family does in communities.

She said: “I think so often we get the chance to see communities and the people who do things really well and are very generous with their time in a way that, if you look at the media, you tend not to get that impression. “

The death of Queen Elizabeth led to renewed debate in several countries in the Commonwealth about whether they want to become republics.

A poll in September suggested that 54% of people in Canada thought the country should now end its ties with the British monarchy, while 46% disagreed.