SPEAKERS have been confirmed for a protest on Edinburgh’s Calton Hill to coincide with the coronation of King Charles on May 6 in London.

Organisers Our Republic, an advocacy group also calling for the abolition of the monarchy, said the “phenomenal line-up” shows “republicanism is no longer a fringe concern” in Scottish politics.

On Saturday, republicans will rally at Calton Hill in Edinburgh from 3pm.

Representatives from across from politics, communities, and arts will speak to the crowd in the rally hosted by Connor Cloughley, media and communications officer for the organisation.

Elected representatives include SNP MP Tommy Sheppard, Greens MSP Maggie Chapman Greens co-leader and MSP Lorna Slater as well as councillors Ross McKenzie, Graham Campbell and Roza Salih.

Republican activists that will speak are David McClemont from Ungagged, Connor Beaton from the Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) and Niamh Brook from the Scottish Socialist Youth.

Malini Chakrabarty, and interdisciplinary storyteller and George Gunn, poet, will also speak.

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Our Republic have also been gathering signatures with signatories – including politicians, musicians, playwrights and trade unionists – for a declaration calling for an independent Scottish republic.

Initiated by the RIC, the “Declaration of Calton Hill” calls for the dissolution of the UK state, the abolishment of the monarchy and the creation of an elected Scottish Government with “full control”.

Our Republic put out a statement highlighting the cost of the coronation that will take palce on Sarutday, as well as the "entitlement" of the Royal Family.

They said: “This weekend Charles Windsor will be crowned. This is not the same as becoming King, something that happened automatically last year.

"This is instead a £250 million special day entirely for Charles himself to show off his gold-trimmed pomp and extravagance to a public struggling with a cost of living crisis… at their expense.

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“Entitlement runs deep with the Royals, with Charles’ brother Edward being gifted the Duke of Edinburgh title as a birthday present without thinking to ask the people of Edinburgh what they might think of the title or who should hold it.

“His other brother Andrew clings on to the title of Earl of Inverness, another birthday present, despite the disgust expressed by locals at being associated with him."

Encouraging Scots to turn up this weekend, the group said: "Scotland deserves better, and there is a better future available to us. One where our Head of State is elected with a democratic mandate and accountable to the people.

The National:

"One where they are subject to the same laws as all of us, not exempt from taxes and the human rights of tenants living in their sprawling empire of property. One where they pledge allegiance to the people they represent instead of demanding those people pledge allegiance to them.

“We know the people of Scotland are turning our backs on the Monarchy, and Our Republic intends to ensure they are heard even whilst Royalists insist on an image of universal adoration and submission to a man who believes he is entitled to it.”

You can find the event on Facebook here.

The full list of speakers is:

  • Tommy Sheppard MP
  • Maggie Chapman MSP
  • Lorna Slater MSP
  • Cllr Ross McKenzie
  • Cllr Graham Campbell
  • Cllr Roza Salih
  • David McClemont - Ungagged
  • Malini Chakrabarty - Interdisciplinary storyteller
  • Connor Beaton - Radical Independence Campaign
  • George Gunn - Poet
  • Niamh Brook - Scottish Socialist Youth