A TORY peer who has called for devolution to be rolled back has been accused of displaying “complete ignorance of politics in Scotland” over comments he made about the Greens.

Responding on Twitter to a video of Adrian Ramsay, the co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, calling for rent controls, Lord Frost said it was “very fortunate the Greens are nowhere near power then”.

He added: “Rent controls come close to being the worst idea in politics. However...bad ideas that start with the Greens do seem to get picked up by others in time.”

Lord Frost then tagged the Twitter accounts of the SNP and the Mayor of London.

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The Scottish Greens, who are in government north of the Border, introduced rent controls last year but while Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, is in favour of rent controls, he lacks the powers to introduce them in the city.

Lord Frost has been asked whether he is aware the Scottish Greens are in Government with the SNP in Scotland.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Greens said: “Lord Frost would be far better concentrating on the local election results in England than displaying his complete ignorance of politics in Scotland.

“While he enjoys the spoils of an unelected House of Lords, we are getting on with the job of protecting people here from the Tory made cost-of-living crisis.”

Lord Frost, who served as the UK’s chief Brexit negotiator under Boris Johnson, recently sparked fury when he called for Westminster to take away powers from the Scottish Parliament.