A CALL from organisers of King Charles’s coronation for members of the public to swear allegiance to the monarch has prompted widespread negative reactions.

The coronation will include the first Homage of the People – an addition to the ancient ceremony which aims to see people across the UK and overseas realms swear an oath of allegiance to Charles.

Lambeth Palace said it was hoped the significant change to the historic service will result in a “great cry around the nation and around the world of support for the King” from those watching on television, online or gathered in the open air at big screens.

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While pressure group Republic – which campaigns for an elected head of state – has slammed the “offensive” and “tone deaf” request, social media is also awash with people mocking the idea.

In England senior Green Party figures criticised the decision, with co-leader Adrian Ramsay calling it “outdated” and peer Jeremy Jones calling it an “odd request”. Labour MP Clive Lewis said the request would be “unwelcome or ignored by many”, though his party colleague Shabana Mahmood said she would be taking the oath as it’s a “lovely idea”.

Despite anger over the announcement, BBC News online did not report on any backlash on Sunday afternoon.

On social media, Scots made their opposition to the call known.

“Definitely not a cult,” tweeted one independence supporter. “North Korea p****** itself laughing at the UK.”

Another popular pro-independence Twitter user, Rainie Bell, added: “Three quarters of Scot want nothing to do with the coronation, I doubt they will be encouraged to swear allegiance to Covid Charlie.”

Mike Dailly, the video game designer behind the original prototype of Grand Theft Auto, reacted: “Jeeze... just reading these ‘pledges’ makes me utterly sick.

“An independent Scotland should ditch these leeches as soon as possible, and claim back our lands and possessions that have been stolen from the people.”

Ewan Gibbs, a historian and lecturer based in Glasgow, added: “Embracing the monarchy transforming into an institution that a minority actively subscribe to whilst the majority ignore it doesn’t seem wise from a monarchist perspective.”

Alba Party general secretary Chris McEleny referenced Humza Yousaf's planned appearance at the coronation, telling The National: "The First Minister should not have participated in the charade with the company of archers to enable the Stone to go to London and on Saturday he should not join in with the rest of Britain’s hangers on to joyfully pledge allegiance to Charles Windsor. 

The National: File photo dated 13/04/23 of First Minister Humza Yousaf, who will lead a national campaigning day to mark one month of his leadership of the SNP. PA Photo. Issue date: Saturday April 29, 2023. Mr Yousaf beat Kate Forbes and Ash Regan to the top job in

"Asking people across the UK to take part in a national pledge of allegiance is tantamount to asking the people of Scotland to join in with one big cry of Rule Britannia.

"The Royal Standard may be flying over Westminster Abbey on Saturday as people pledge allegiance to the English King but a Lion Rampant will be roaring across Scotland telling the Westminster establishment that Scotland will rise now and be an independent nation again.”

Meanwhile, the Scottish Greens also stressed their opposition to the call.

MSP Ross Greer said: "We will definitely not be pledging our allegiance to Charles or any other unelected leader.

"The Scottish Greens will always work for people and planet, not an archaic, undemocratic and increasingly ridiculous institution like the monarchy.

"We can be a modern and democratic republic where wealth and power are shared rather than being passed down alongside arcane titles.

"That is why, on coronation day, our co-leader Lorna Slater and my MSP colleague Maggie Chapman will address the rally for a republic on Calton Hill and celebrate the sovereignty and power of the people of Scotland."

Garbage – the band fronted by Scottish singer Shirley Manson – also condemned the request.

“King Charles and his heirs should be pledging allegiance to the people of the United Kingdom. Not the other way around. Thank you very much,” the group said.

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The announcement came just days after a new poll showed that around three-quarters of Scots do not care about the coronation.

The poll of 1032 people in Scotland, carried out between April 17 and 20, found that 44% of respondents have a positive view of the royal family in general while 47% have a negative view and the remainder said they do not know.

Lukas Paleckis, a senior researcher at YouGov, added: “Unsurprisingly, younger groups in Scotland are feeling especially out of touch with the monarchy, with only 20% favouring a continuation of the monarchy.

“With the King’s coronation fast approaching we may see less celebration around Scotland, as 72% of the public say they don’t really care for it.”