SUPPORT for the royal family is at an “all time low”, Professor John Curtice has said.

The polling expert’s assessment comes just one week ahead of King Charles’s coronation, which hit the headlines on Sunday after a call was put out for millions to give a “great cry” of allegiance during the ceremony.

Speaking to GB News, Curtice said that the data was increasingly suggesting that younger generations were moving away from supporting the royals.

“Support for them is now at an all time low and frankly it declined during the Queen Elizabeth era,” Curtice said.

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“And it's certainly true that amongst young people in particular, there isn't a great deal of support for the monarchy.”

Curtice said that historically younger people had felt less affection towards the monarchy, but said the pattern was becoming more pronounced.

“Now the truth is, it's always been true that younger people have been less keen on the monarchy, but it's looked as though they've tended to support it as they've grown older,” Curtice said.

“The problem now for the monarchy is that the gap is much bigger and that the current generation of younger people are particularly less likely to be keen on the monarchy, then even younger people were 20 or 30 years ago.”

Polling in the build up to the coronation has suggested that the vast majority of Scottish adults do not care about the event.

A YouGov poll, published on Thursday, also found that less than half of adults polled (46%) think Britain should continue to have a monarchy in future.

The poll, of 1032 people across Scotland, was carried out between April 17 and 20 and found that 44% of respondents have a positive view of the royal family while 47% have a negative view.