ALISTER Jack has been accused of spouting “nonsense” after he attacked the SNP-Green government during his speech to the Scottish Tory conference.

The Scottish Secretary claimed that the Greens wanted to “ban cars and campervans”, in an apparently ad-libbed “joke” delivered during his video address.

Jack further attacked Scotland’s External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson, using the tabloid nickname “Air Miles Angus” and accusing the top SNP figure of having never backed a single trade deal in his life.

In a speech delivered via video, the Tory Secretary said: “This SNP-Green administration isn’t just misguided – it is totally incompetent.

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“Douglas [Ross] laid bare their litany of failure. I enjoyed his speech immensely but, I have to admit, one nagging thought did wipe the smile off my face. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my job to work with these people!

“And believe me, it is not always easy. In my experience, the SNP are not a serious party of government, they are simply a campaign organisation for independence.”

He later took aim at the Greens. According to a copy of his speech sent to journalists, Jack was due to say: “We have a Scottish Government that includes anti-growth Greens. And, incredibly, they are in the driving seat – if that’s the right expression for a party that wants to ban cars.”

Delivering it, Jack added his own quip, saying: “Incredibly, they are in the driving seat – if that’s the right expression for a party that wants to ban cars … and campervans.”

The strained reference was to the £100,000 motorhome purchased by the SNP and seized by police amid a probe into the party’s finances. Mention of the camper has been a frequent occurrence during speeches at the Scots Tory conference.

The Greens, who do not want to ban cars, said in response: "No amount of rhetoric, nonsense or bad jokes from Alister Jack can distract from the car crash that is this cruel, anti-democratic and utterly incompetent UK Government.

“The choice we face is clearer than ever: a fairer, greener and independent Scotland or a road to nowhere with the Tories."

The SNP also hit back at the Scottish Secretary, saying Jack should be apologisng instead of “lecturing others”.

The National: Mhairi Black, MP for Paisley

Mhairi Black (above), the party’s depute leader at Westminster, said: "The Tories have no mandate in Scotland. Instead of lecturing others, Alister Jack should be apologising for his Tory government's appalling record of trashing the UK economy – and making millions of Scots poorer by imposing a devastating hard Brexit and Tory cost of living crisis.

"With Scottish devolution and household incomes under sustained attack from Westminster, the SNP is the only party offering a real alternative to the Tories.

“Voting SNP is the best way to beat the Tories in Scotland at the next election – and the only way to get rid of Westminster Tory governments for good with independence."

Jack also took aim at External Affairs Secretary Robertson, who he accused of crying “crocodile tears” about the UK Government’s strict rules for diplomats, who have been instructed to closely monitor Scottish engagement abroad.

Calling him by the tabloid nickname “Air Miles Angus”, Jack said: “It is simply not acceptable for Scottish Government ministers to abuse the support they receive from the Foreign Office during overseas visits.

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“Let me be clear, ladies and gentlemen.The Foreign Office has and always will support the Scottish Government to promote Scotland abroad.

“But nationalist ministers should not expect the Foreign Office to facilitate high-level meetings overseas so they can undermine UK Government policy and promote their independence campaign.

“And I am delighted that Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has taken on board the widely-shared concerns about this and issued clear new guidelines to UK diplomats.

“So Angus, spare me the crocodile tears. I’ll take no lessons on promoting Scotland from a man who has never backed a single trade deal in his life.

“Someone who has never had the confidence to see opportunities and back Scots to succeed as we open up new markets around the globe.

“That’s what promoting Scotland is all about. It’s not about independence and your Instagram account.”