CAMPAIGN group Republic has said it will be “taking action” to challenge coronation lessons being taught in schools across England.

This comes after the latest YouGov poll showed that just 32% of 18-24 year olds support the continuation of the monarchy.

In Scotland meanwhile, a survey released earlier this week found that almost three quarters of Scots do not care about the coronation.

According to GB News, the Department of Education has commissioned lessons to be taught in schools across England.

Nick Gibb, the minister of state for schools, told the broadcaster: “[Young people] need to understand really how important [the monarchy] is in terms of the way our country is governed.

“That the monarchy does play an important part in our constitution – albeit as a constitutional monarchy rather than a monarchy with real power.

“But it’s important that they do understand that and all the symbolism that comes with the coronation.”

GB News also reported that lesson plans were sent to Buckingham Palace for approval, ahead of material being released to schools.

Republic’s response

In response to the news, Republic tweeted that it would be “taking action” against the “appalling” plans.

The National approached the group’s chief executive Graham Smith for clarification on what the “action” would involve.

He explained: “I think the report suggests they want to teach kids the importance of the monarchy as a reaction to people not supporting them.

“That would suggest this is not education but propaganda and it clearly has no place in schools.”

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He said they would be encouraging people to write to their MPs to speak out against the plans as well as encouraging parents to write to their schools because “this is not appropriate”.

What has the UK Government said?

Gibb insisted that the new coronation lessons are not part of a wider bid to force pro-monarchy opinions on England’s school children.

“I think it’s important young people just understand the facts and then they can form their own opinions about the monarchy”, he told GB News.

GB News said it was given access to one of the lessons which included children being taught about famous objects they will see during the coronation.

Lessons are reportedly not compulsory but will be made available to all schools in England from this week.

The National has approached the Scottish Government to find out if they have anything similar planned.