AFTER a busy recess Holyrood is starting to settle in once again while the SNP finance probe continues to rumble on.

Political reporter Abbi Garton-Crosbie is joined for this week's episode by chief political reporter Judith Duffy to digest the news and analyse the headlines. 

On Tuesday, the Scottish Parliament's lobby saw not one, but two huddles, first with former SNP treasurer Colin Beattie, who said he was unaware of the campervan purchased for campaigning by the party, before later clarifying his comments.

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Then, Nicola Sturgeon returned to Parliament after a week or so away, and said the experience has been "traumatic" and "frustrating".

Earlier in the week First Minister Humza Yousaf met with Tory Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in London, a rather subdued meeting.

And, a reported row at an SNP Westminster group meeting between Ian Blackford and his successor Stephen Flynn led to a viral picture of the two smiling and insisting all was well.

Is this a sign that millennials, typically savvier with social media, are now in charge, and the old guard is officially out?

This week also saw the publication of sweeping justice reforms which will remove the not proven verdict from Scots law, and allow ministers to set up a trial of judge-only rape trials, with no jury, establish a dedicated sexual assault court, and a Victim and Witnesses Commissioner. 

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Our reporters take you through the ins and outs of what the changes will mean, and what victim support groups have said about the controversy over removing juries from rape trials. 

And finally, with the Stone of Destiny now on its way to Westminster Abbey for the King's coronation, we go through the strict security arrangements around the iconic relic and ask, Westminster will give it back, right?

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