SCOTTISH Greens councillors in Scotland’s capital have said the Duke of Edinburgh’s title should not be officially recognised by the city.

In March, the King officially handed his late father’s title to his brother Prince Edward in celebration of his 59th birthday.

Now, co-conveners of the Scottish Greens group on the City of Edinburgh Council Alys Mumford and Ben Parker have submitted a motion rejecting the title.

What motivated this motion?

Speaking to The National, Mumford, who serves as the councillor for Portobello/Craigmillar, said it was “right” to question the links between the monarchy and Scotland’s capital.

“We’ve been asking lots of questions over the past year about the costs of things like Operation Unicorn, plans around the coronation and saying it’s not the default that we’re supportive of the monarchy”, she said.

This comes after a recent survey showed that apathy towards the royal family and the coronation is only increasing, with three-quarters of Scots showing little care towards either.

Mumford continued: “An increasing number of people are being alienated.

"We know that it doesn’t feel to people like something that matters amid the cost of living crisis to see this sort of pageantry and then to see that our city has been gifted as a birthday present to someone.

“It’s absolutely right we should question how that happened. It shows a democratic deficit, it’s a symbol of inherited wealth and power that goes against everything we claim to believe in as a city.


“It’s being imposed on us and we have a right to say we don’t recognise it.”

What does the motion call for?

The motion, shared with The National, says that the “titles should not exist” and that “the only legitimate representation of the people of Edinburgh is that which is democratic and accountable to them”.

It adds that Edward Windsor should have “no official standing” in any event which is hosted by the council, “nor any special privileges or access to Council property regarding events for the city or its people”.

What’s the feeling towards the coronation?

The King’s coronation is set to take place on May 6 with a rally scheduled to take place at Calton Hill calling for a republic.

On Thursday, it was revealed that Charles is a direct descendant of somebody who benefited from slave plantations.

Mumford continued: “I would say being associated with the monarchy is not something we want to do as a city.

“We don’t think this title should exist, it shouldn’t be gifted. We can’t say don’t take our name in vain but we can say it holds no official status in the city and that there should be no special privileges for them.

“Our job as democratic councillors is to represent everyone and there is a growing voice of republicanism uncomfortable with this and we’ve brought this to speak for these people.

“You’re not alone, you’re not going mad, it is weird what’s happening so that’s why we’ve brought it.”

Prince Andrew petition

The National recently sent one of our reporters to Inverness to discover what the locals made of Prince Andrew’s Earl of Inverness title.

They told us he had brought the city into “disrepute” and we have since launched a petition calling for the Duke to be stripped of his title.

It now has almost 3500 signatures. Mumford believes that the sentiments expressed in Inverness point to a wider rejection of the monarchy.

“Imagine if Charles had given the Duke of Edinburgh title to Andrew. I think there would be mass outrage and I think what’s happening in Inverness is another reason why Edinburgh should be rejecting this”, she said.


“Even if people won’t come to the top of Calton Hill, they are questioning this and we’ve seen huge amounts of media coverage looking at the toxic culture within the Royal Family.

“There is a significant number of people saying ‘this is fine’ but why are we changing our lives for it, why are we paying money into the city for it when we have our own Edinburgh-related issues to think and talk about.”