ALASTAIR Campbell has praised a video of locals in Inverness condemning Prince Andrew for bringing their city into “disrepute”. 

Campbell, known for serving as the Downing Street press secretary under Tony Blair and who now hosts The Rest Is Politics podcast, took to social media to share the video. 

The clip shows one woman say that Andrew is “not fit for man nor beast”, while another local refers to him as a “dirty old ba****d ... with a serious attitude problem”. 

One man told The National the monarchy was an institution that “should be gone”.

Campbell shared the video with the caption: “Some god vox poppery here.”

"Vox pops", from the Latin phrase vox populi meaning voice of the people, are the industry term for short clips where members of the public give their opinions.

The National has launched a petition calling for Andrew to be stripped of his Earl of Inverness title which now has more than 3000 signatures. 

It comes after the Highland Council was panned for saying that it would light up landmarks in Inverness for the coronation


Meanwhile, new research has shown that three quarters of people in Scotland do not care about the forthcoming coronation

When asked for their thoughts on individual royals, 88% of people expressed a negative view about Andrew. 

It was also revealed today that the Duke was reportedly “euphoric” following his BBC interview with Emily Maitlis because “he thought it had gone really well”.