Popular Scottish actor Karen Gillan has broken her silence over rumours she is returning to the BBC's hit sci-fi programme Doctor Who.

Previously, the Marvel star had a major role in the BBC show when she played Amy Pond, one of Matt Smith's companions.

Rumours have recently emerged that the actor from Inverness would be returning to the Tardis amid Doctor Who's 60th anniversary.

This comes as other famous faces like David Tennant and Catherine Tate return to the show.

Karen Gillan addresses rumours she is returning to Doctor Who after cryptic Instagram posts

Karen Gillan previously revealed that she was open to a Doctor Who return in an interview with the Radio Times where she said: "If I was asked I would be really, really interested and keen. It would be really amazing."

Some fans even speculated that the Marvel star would return 10 years on from her original casting based on cryptic Instagram posts.

These posts referenced an "unexpected" project that is "not a movie".

When she was asked about the rumours, she said: "I mean, yeah, it's always nice when people appreciate anything that you've done.

"But no, it's cool to see that people are still intrigued by Amy Pond and whether she could return."

The Guardians of the Galaxy star added: "Maybe, maybe not – I don't know!"

While this isn't the clear answer some fans would have hoped for, it leaves the door wide open for a triumphant return.

Doctor Who is available on BBC iPlayer.