LEE Anderson, the deputy chair of the Conservative party, challenged Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie’s dad to a fight amid a row over the expulsion of an MP from the party, according to reports.

PA reported that Anderson had engaged in an "aggressive" confrontation with Andrew Bridgen – who was kicked out of the Tory Party on Wednesday – and former Conservative councillor Sebastian Leslie at Westminster.

Bridgen and his guest Leslie were having lunch in Portcullis House after it emerged Bridgen had been kicked out of the Tories for comparing coronavirus vaccines to the Holocaust.

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Giving accounts to the PA news agency, they said they became embroiled in the argument with Anderson after seeing him having lunch with friends in the Adjournment restaurant.

Bridgen was angered by his expulsion being made public while he still has time to appeal against the decision.

Leslie, whose daughter Rose played Ygritte in Game Of Thrones, said he told the party deputy "Hold on Lee" because "he was being so bloody rude to Andrew".

"He turned to me and said, 'Hold on grandad, come outside and we'll sort it out'," Leslie continued.

As a chieftain of the Scottish clan Leslie, the 69-year-old asked Anderson whether he wanted to use "pistols or claymores", which he explained was a reference to ancient traditions of duelling.

"He was aggressive and out of control," Leslie, a grandfather-of-six, added. "It was very threatening and aggressive."

Leslie, who was suspended from the Tories in 2018 over council tax payments, said he did not plan to make a complaint despite believing the MP was "extremely rude" and "obviously bloody angry".

In turn, Anderson said Bridgen had been "rude and aggressive" as he lunched with two friends.

"I was having two lunch with two friends when a very angry looking Andrew Bridgen walked over with his friend," the MP for Ashfield said.

"Andrew spoke briefly to one of my guests who he knew but then turned his attention to me in a rude and aggressive manner.

"I literally had no idea what he was talking about and then both men left. After apologising to my guests for the outburst I then walked over to Mr Bridgen's table to express my disapproval."

Anderson has also challenged Steve Bray, the well-known anti-Brexit protester, to fight him in a boxing match.

“He’s a nuisance, and I’ve got a challenge for him”, Ashfield said. “Meet me in the boxing ring, let’s do three rounds, and if I win, he never protests out there again."