STUNNED cops who pulled over a suspected drug driver this weekend found £10,000 of Class A drugs - and a tiny lamb.

The woolly passenger was rescued and taken in by a farmer after the car was pulled over on the M74 in Glasgow on Saturday.

The driver was arrested for failing a roadside swab for cocaine.

A police dog sniffed out the drugs, and a photo showed the lamb sitting on the back seat alongside a bag of chips.

Police Scotland joked that the car was "not a Lamborghini". 

A Twitter post said: "Officers from #GlasgowRP stopped this vehicle (not a Lamborghini!) on the #M74 J3 NB yesterday.

"In addition to this wee fella roughly £10k in Class A drugs were recovered with assistance from @PSOSDogs.

"Driver further arrested for failing the roadside swap for cocaine."