SNP MP Stuart McDonald has been appointed as the party's new treasurer.

The SNP National Executive Committee met this morning to agree a proposal from Humza Yousaf as party leader, to fill the vacancy.

Former lawyer, Stuart McDonald was selected and will be the party’s treasurer until the SNP’s next Annual Conference.

The new treasurer said he had "no hestitation" in stepping forward for the role.

McDonald has held several jobs for the party at Westminster, and is currently the party’s justice and immigration spokesman.

McDonald said: Whilst it is a difficult and challenging time, I look forward to getting on with the job of National Treasurer to help take forward the important work being led by our new party leader, Humza Yousaf, to improve the SNP's governance and transparency.

"I've no hesitation in stepping forward when asked to do my part in keeping our party firmly on a campaign footing as the case for Scottish independence becomes more compelling than ever."

The SNP Business Convenor Kirsten Oswald MP said: I'm very glad members of the NEC were able to meet so quickly to agree the appointment of a new registered Treasurer and give reassurance to SNP members that activites of the party continue unabated.

"Stuart is an excellent person for us to have stepping into the role until our next SNP annual conference - he is a widely respected, well thought of individual whose background undoubtedly gives a solid understanding of the responsibilites required."

The appointment comes after Colin Beattie, who was treasurer from 2004 to 2020, and again since 2021, also quit his role on Holyrood’s public audit committee until the police concludes their investigation.

The MSP was taken into custody and released without charge on Tuesday.

A key task for the new treasurer will be appointing auditors after accountants Johnston Carmichael, which worked with the SNP for more than a decade, resigned around September.

The party’s accounts are due to be filed to the Electoral Commission in July.

Scottish Labour deputy Leader Jackie Baillie said: “Stuart McDonald faces an uphill battle dealing with an SNP high command that clearly don’t think the rules apply to them.

“Despite the SNP’s ongoing crisis it has shown no willingness to change. It has failed to suspend senior figures embroiled in a police investigation, and its culture of cover-up and secrecy remain in overdrive.

“This arrogant and sleaze-ridden party needs to start operating with some much-needed transparency and consistency, but I won’t hold my breath.”