THE Scottish Government has been asked whether it intends to build an independence readiness thermometer.

The idea was mooted by SNP leadership candidate Ash Regan during the campaign last year.

Labour MSP Monica Lennon has used the Scottish Parliament’s written question facility, which allows members to ask questions of the Government outside of the chamber, whether the Government has plans to build a readiness thermometer in a “prominent public place”.

The facility is used as a research channel by MSPs to help inform their campaigns and work.

Regan hailed her plans for the thermometer, which she suggested could be erected in Glasgow or Edinburgh, as key to building public confidence in preparations for independence.

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She said the thermometer would “build that confidence with the public”, adding: “When that gets up to 100%, everybody in Scotland knows that we’ve solved all these problems, everything is ready to go and we’ll have that confidence.

"So when we’ve made all the plans for the currency for instance, or we’ve set up how we’re going to do something to do with defence, or whatever it is, that dial will move and it will inch forward.

"And the media can look at it, everyone can look at it, and it builds that confidence with the public so that when we get up to the 100%, everybody in Scotland knows we’ve solved all these problems.”

An answer from the Scottish Government to Lennon’s question is expected on May 12.

The MSP has submitted her question on April 12 and has asked 62 other questions in that period.