DOUGLAS Ross has written to Humza Yousaf to raise “legitimate and urgent” questions over the SNP’s finances.

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives attempted to raise the issue during First Minister’s Questions on Thursday.

However, parliamentary rules require the sessions to be focused on Scottish Government business.

Nevertheless, Yousaf conceded in Holyrood there were “serious issues” that he will not “shy away from”.

Ross has now penned 10 questions regarding the SNP’s finances to the First Minister.

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He asks about a £110,000 caravan bought by the SNP - of which senior figures in the party were reportedly unaware - and the use of £600,000 raised for the purpose of a campaign during a second independence referendum.

He said: “Humza Yousaf was clearly in no mood to be scrutinised in Parliament over the financial scandal engulfing his party, when I challenged him to make a statement at First Minister’s Questions.

“While parliamentary rules stop me from asking crucial questions about this murky situation, these questions are not going away for the First Minister and SNP leader. He is also now the SNP’s acting treasurer.

“If he is compromised in any way, he cannot continue to try and say this is not a matter for the Government as well as his party.

“That is why I have now written to him with a series of questions he must be fully transparent over. These are legitimate and urgent questions the public need and deserve answers on.

“He cannot continue to dodge them and cover them up in typical SNP secrecy.”

It comes after Tory peer Lord Frost called on the UK Government to roll back on Scottish devolution, a comment which Yousaf claimed revealed what “every Scottish Conservative MSP is thinking”.