IT is an “utter disgrace” that Prince Andrew claims lordship over Inverness, an SNP MP has said as they gave their “full support” to a petition to have him stripped of the title.

It comes as The National launches a fresh petition to see Andrew – who in 2022 paid a reported £12 million to avoid going to court over allegations he sexually assaulted a minor – removed as the “Earl of Inverness”.

Locals have given their support to the drive, saying the association with the late Queen’s Elizabeth’s second son has brought their home into “disrepute”.

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Tommy Sheppard, an SNP MP and his party’s constitution spokesperson at Westminster, said: “Prince Andrew’s reputation is toast. To think that he continues to claim lordship over Inverness is an utter disgrace.

“But of course, the entire feudal concept of royalty and inherited titles has no place in a modern democratic society. It perpetuates inequality and reinforces a hierarchical class system of a bygone era.

“Let’s start a precedent for stripping all of them of unearned titles and elevated status, beginning with Andrew.”


Earlier this year, a poll conducted by Find Out Now for this paper found that just 7% of Scots thought Andrew should be allowed to keep his Earl of Inverness title.

In contrast, a whopping 72% of the country said the scandal-hit royal should have it removed.

Amid the controversy which surrounded Andrew, in 2022 the late Queen stripped him of royal honours including the right to be known as His Royal Highness, or HRH.

He also lost a host of military titles, including royal colonel of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, and royal colonel of the Royal Highland Fusiliers.

A spokesperson for the Our Republic campaign group said Andrew (below) retaining the title over Inverness was “an open display of contempt” for the people who live there.

The National:

They told The National: "Andrew's continued claim to Inverness, a city he has no connection to other than as another title to bolster his ego and sense of status, is an open display of contempt for the people who call the city home and for democracy.

“His rehabilitation in steps by his brother shows the degree this monarchy see themselves as above such ordinary concerns as law and justice.

“That they'd attempt to rehabilitate such a man and shield him from justice shows their character, a rotten institution and men unfit to hold their titles.


“For the sake of his alleged victims and the pride and dignity of Inverness and its people, it's past time for him to go.”

The group added: “This practice of awarding cities via titles as gifts between an out of touch and corrupt aristocracy should be put behind us, let Andrew be the first of many to go."

Virginia Giuffre sued Andrew for allegedly sexually assaulting her when she was 17 after she was trafficked by billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Andrew has strongly denied the claims and previously said he has never met her.

You can sign the petition here.