NEIL Oliver, the Alba Party, and the Conservatives are to join Nigel Farage at a live event in Scotland.

Farage, a host on GB News, will present his show live from Aberdeen.

Called “Farage at Large”, the broadcast will see discussion around the SNP, independence, and North Sea oil and gas.

GB News said the broadcast would be filmed in front of a live audience of “more than 100 locals”.

A press release from the channel said: “Over a pint [Farage will] debate the tough subjects of the day with guests including representatives from the Alba Party, the Conservative Party and GB News presenter Neil Oliver.

“He’ll also host a live Q&A with the audience which will be broadcast live across the UK on TV and radio at 7pm [on Thursday April 20].”

It is understood that an Alba "activist" will be on the show. 

Farage said: “I am looking forward to visiting Aberdeen again. On my GB News show we will debate whether the downward spiral of the SNP brings down the independence movement too.

“We’ll also ask whether the North Sea oil and gas industry has a future given the negativity from Holyrood and Westminster.”