ONE of Scotland’s best-loved crisp brands is to disappear from shelves amid a major rebrand.

Mackie’s, which claims to be the country’s biggest crisp brand, is to be renamed Taylors – but the product will remain unchanged.

The move follows the Taylor family’s 2022 buy-out of the joint venture, which was established between them and Mackie family businesses in 2009. The crisps are made on the Taylors’ Perthshire-based farm.

Taylors said the new branding – which will feature on crisps and popcorn – will be hitting supermarket shelves in May.

The National:

Taylors said in a press release that they are aiming to grow the firm by “investing six figures into an extensive media campaign which will showcase the product across Scottish TV and radio”.

James Taylor, the managing director at Taylors Snacks, said: “Showcasing our new image is a massive milestone for us at Taylors Snacks. In what has been months of work behind the scenes, we’re incredibly proud of the fresh look that represents the Taylors brand, our products and the journey.

“Having a family culture is key to what we do at Taylors, so we wanted to make sure that everyone involved in the business – from technical to tasting – played a pivotal role in the transition.

“We’re confident that our name and contemporary rebrand will unlock a new level of growth for the business and allow our tried and tested product to reach new customers, while continuing to delight our existing customers.”

Taylors has also purchased the business and assets of one of UK’s largest popcorn makers, South Yorkshire Foods, as part of its growth push.

Taylor added: “The team at Taylors have worked tirelessly to develop a brand identity that perfectly sums up our ambitions and values as a business. It’s a very exciting time for us at Taylors and the new look is just the latest chapter in our story.

“The upcoming summer brings with it massive opportunity for Taylors Snacks. Not only will our colourful crisp packets hit the shelves in the coming weeks, but we’re set to continue to grow our team and expand our product ranges within the market.”

Mac Mackie, the executive chairman at Mackie’s of Scotland, said: “We have enjoyed a great few years with the Taylors founding and building up a Scottish range of crisps and popcorn. We wish the Taylors team all the best and look forward to seeing more developments and new products as they continue to grow.

“In the meantime, we’re excited to keep making and developing Scotland’s favourite ice cream and our farm-made chocolate on the renewably powered family farm.”