SCOTTISH legend Ally McCoist has claimed he saw a UFO flying above the flats in his hometown.

The former Rangers manager revealed he believes "it's all out there" as he recalled the experience during a hilarious segment on talkSPORT Breakfast with Laura Woods.

Coisty, who grew up in East Kilbride, told his co-host that something flew over him and it completely baffled him. 

When asked by Woods if he had ever seen a flying saucer, he said: "Yes, flying over the flats at the top of Cleland Place – I swear to God, at the junction with Ramsey Hill and Cleland Place.

"I was kind of sleeping and I woke up and this thing flew over the top of the flats – I swear to God, I’m deadly serious.

"To this day I don’t know what it was – I'll never know what was going on. There was something going on – I believe in them."

He added: "You have no idea the size of this place we’re living in.

"They found a thing the size of a sixpence, through this new telescope and I’m not winding you up – there are 10,000 suns in it.

"There are a billion new galaxies in this thing.

"I can’t remember the name of it – it's not the Hubble telescope, it's even stronger than that.

"It’s the size of a sixpence and they found 10,000 new suns.

"It’s all out there man."