KATE Forbes has spoken out about an “important” caveat to the headlines made by her comments on a BBC Radio 4 programme.

On Wednesday morning, news sites across Scotland ran headlines such as the BBC’s: “SNP will be in trouble without action, says Kate Forbes.”

The comments came from a BBC programme entitled Leading Scotland Where?, which is due to air on Radio 4 at 8.30pm.

But Forbes, in a statement on social media, said it was “important” to note when the interview had been recorded, and suggested her comments were less relevant now.

The former finance secretary wrote on Twitter: “Important to say that various clips of me speaking to the BBC on air today comes [sic] from a podcast arranged back in late March and recorded shortly after.

“Since then, a huge amount has happened, including the FM launching a governance review and a bold programme for government.”

On Tuesday, First Minister Humza Yousaf told MSPs about his government’s priorities for the next three years, including action on housing, the deposit return scheme, and a further £1.3 billion investment for the Scottish Child Payment.

And over the weekend the SNP’s ruling National Executive Committee agreed to undertake a governance and transparency review within the party.

In an interview with the BBC recorded before either of those things had happened, Forbes said the SNP needed “decisive and quick action or we will be in trouble”.

Speaking about the party’s situation, she added: “I think right now, people are watching with astonishment, but they want to see leadership in dealing with it and resolving it.”

Forbes said that the SNP were “trusted” on various policy areas, adding: “What the people of Scotland want is good education, a good functioning NHS, a growing, well performing economy.

“These are the issues that matter. And if we can fix and sort the problems within our own party quickly and ensure we are delivering on those external issues, then I think we can continue to build on the trust and success.

“The danger will be if there is an absence of decisive and quick action.”

Yousaf’s programme for government was somewhat overshadowed by the arrest of SNP MSP and treasurer Colin Beattie on Tuesday morning. He was later released without charge.