AN SNP MP has appealed for information after a social media user shared an image appearing to brag about urinating on his office door.

John Nicolson, who represents Ochil and South Perthshire at Westminster, put out the appeal on Twitter on Tuesday.

“Anybody know who this is?” the SNP MP wrote, sharing the image.

The account in question, called @bluedougie, had posted a tweet which read: “And here’s me pissing on his other office door,” followed by a laughing emoji.

In the picture, a man with his back turned could be seen apparently urinating on the door of an office which had “John Nicolson MP” on its signage.

It had originally been posted under a tweet about Nicolson which was accompanied by three images, including one of the MP outside his former office building.

Soon after Nicolson posted his appeal and shared the tweet, the @bluedougie user turned its account to private.

The picture at the top of the account, which had shown two jack russell dogs, has been replaced with another which reads: “C***opia. Population: you.”

The profile picture, which was an avatar apparently representing the person’s face, has been changed to three animated figures representing characters from The Sopranos.

The account’s description says it is “proudly blocked by [Ross] Greer, [Janey] Godley, [Iona] Fyfe & Nicolson!”.

Fyfe commented on Nicolson’s appeal: “I am actually disgusted at some of the accounts that exist to troll both online and do disgusting acts offline.”