THE extent of King Charles’s personal fortune has been revealed, showing he is wealthier than the late Queen.

Analysis for the Sunday Times Rich List showed Charles has amassed more than £600 million compared to the Queen’s £370 million.

The soon-to-be coronated monarch is likely to be placed in the top 250 most wealthy people in the UK in this year’s list, with his fortune already ranking him above David and Victoria Beckham and Elton John in last year’s ranking.

Between 2011 and 2022 Charles reportedly increased the annual profits of the Duchy of Cornwall – which owns hundreds of kilometres of farming, residential and commercial properties as well as an investment portfolio – by 42.6% to £25.4 million.

During the same period the duchy’s total wealth also increased by nearly 50% to £1.04 billion.

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The Duchy Originals organic food brand started in 1990, which operates out of his Highgrove House estate in Gloucestershire, also made money from the sale of biscuits, beer and even garden tools.

Some of the products would later be stocked in Waitrose supermarkets.

While the duchy estates are worth around £1 billion in total, they are not personally owned by the King or any member of the royal family.

However, the profits from the estate have been boosted from the renting of commercial properties in London, Milton Keynes and Cornwall – the revenues from which have reached £17.6 million over the past ten years.

The National:

From 2012 to 2022, Charles made £212.7 million from the duchy (and opted to pay income tax despite rules stating that this wasn’t necessary).

The Crown Estate, however, holds more than £15 billion of royal wealth and is owned by the reigning monarch.

But the annual profits are not paid to the King but to the Treasury.

However, around 15% of this is given back to the King in the form of the sovereign grant.

It is not known how much of the Queen’s personal wealth or assets were left to Charles as the wills of senior royals are not made public.