The National:

THE British public might not be quite as excited about the King’s coronation as the media would have us believe, at least if plans to flee the country are anything to go by.

Barrhead Travel has reported a 55% increase in the number of people booking time abroad over the May 6 weekend compared to 2019, suggesting people aren’t all that bothered about staying behind to watch Charles get crowned.

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At least the coronation will give many of us an extra bank holiday on May 8, which is likely why so many people are looking to take the chance to get some time away.

Barrhead Travel said the most popular destinations included Mallorca, Tenerife, Costa Blanca, Florida, and cruises on the Mediterranean.

Who wouldn’t want to be safe on a boat in the middle of the ocean while the UK descends into monarchy?

The National:

If reports are true (and when it comes to royalty they often aren’t) not even Charles’s own grandchildren will be coming to the coronation event.

Prince Harry is said to be planning to leave his wife, Meghan, and children in the US when he jets over to London to watch his dad take the throne.

That may be fair enough considering Charles was inconsiderate enough to plan the coronation on the same day as their son Archie's birthday. 

And a poll earlier this month found that a majority of Brits are simply not interested in the coronation ceremony at all.