CAMPAIGN group Our Republic has hit out at Brewdog after it announced a new Coronation-inspired beer.

The brewer, which is based in Scotland, announced their new Ale To The King beer on social media on Tuesday.

“Dog save the King. And then off with our heads”, the company’s post read.

Responding to Brewdog’s tweet, Our Republic said: “Bowing down to the billionaire gilded in gold? Stamping his brand over your products to profit from his ascension to unelected, unaccountable power?

“Very punk.”

The coronation of King Charles is due to take place on May 6 with media outlets already being warned not to inflate viewing figures.

Campaign group Republic previously challenged claims that as many as 2 billion people sat down to watch the royal wedding in 2011.

It pointed out that many viewers won’t necessarily sit down and watch the entire event.

Republic’s Graham Smith said: “All the available evidence suggests that global interest, while high in certain places, is generally far lower than for sporting or other major national events.

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“Olympic opening ceremonies and the first inauguration of President Obama are among those events that are likely to have had larger global audiences, with good reason.

“It’s really important we get a clear and accurate picture of interest in the monarchy and their set-piece events, as these nonsense figures only mislead the public and distort the debate on the monarchy.”

Our Republic is due to hold a rally on the day of the coronation at Calton Hill in Edinburgh.