SEVERAL Scottish regions have been told to brace themselves ahead of a yellow weather warning for rain tonight (Tuesday, April 11).

This comes amid the arrival of spring with many having been hopeful for better weather this month.

The weather warning is set to last between 3 pm to 11:59 pm on Tuesday with another weather warning hitting parts of the UK on Wednesday (April 12).

The regions of Strathclyde, Dumfries and Galloway, the Scottish Borders and Lothian are set to be impacted.

Met Office warns of longer journey times and road flooding amid yellow weather warning for Scotland

The Met Office has warned residents in Scotland to be aware of "difficult travel conditions" this evening as the meteorological organisation said that bus and train services would probably take longer.

The Met Office added that spray and flooding on roads would probably make car journey times longer as well.

The Met Office states that a yellow weather warning is normally issued when the weather is likely to cause low-level disruptions such as travel delays.

It says that many people will be able to continue their daily routines while others may be more severely impacted.

What does the Met Office weather forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday say?

The Met Office weather forecast states that there is likely to be unsettled weather throughout much of the country with spells of rain and strong winds set to affect residents.

The Met Office also states that there could be spells of sun. Wind speeds could also reach speeds of 29 and 31 mph.

There will be a 95% chance of rain with temperatures set to drop to lows of 5C.

On Wednesday, wind speeds are to remain fast, reaching highs of 36 mph with precipitation reaching 90%.