RISHI Sunak is reportedly planning on holding a General Election in the autumn of 2024 in the belief that a vote later in the year could result in victory for the Conservatives.

According to The Telegraph, October and November next year have been provisionally marked as potential dates for the UK-wide vote.

This would mean the electorate would decide on whether Rishi Sunak would continue as Prime Minister just two years into his premiership.

The newspaper reports that well-placed sources believe going late maximises the chances of the economy improving.

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On polling average trackers, the Tories are currently 18 points behind Labour.

The Telegraph also reports that the idea of calling an election earlier in 2024 has been firmly rejected by Sunak’s team.

Sunak’s premiership will reach the six-month mark later in April with no firm decision to be taken on an election date until much nearer the time.

The latest a General Election can be held is January 2025.

Recent polling in Scotland showed that the SNP lead Labour by five points when it comes to voting intentions in a Westminster election.

Research by Redfield & Wilton showed that 36% of Scots would vote SNP while 31% would vote Labour.

It did not make good reading for the Tories however, with just 19% of Scotland saying they would vote Conservative.

The poll also showed that 10% would vote Liberal Democrat, and that 2% would choose the Greens.

In terms of leadership, Sunak received a net approval rating of -13 while 61% of Scots said they believed the UK Government was incompetent.