STEPHEN Flynn has accused the UK Government of “betrayal” – after they refused to match the Scottish Government’s investment to help move away from fossil fuels.

The Scottish Government has spent half a billion pounds in Aberdeen and the North East as part of its"just energy transition" towards renewables.

However, the SNP group Westminster leader revealed that Alister Jack – Secretary of State for Scotland – had said to him that the UK had no intention of matching the figure.

Flynn (below) appeared on Scotland’s Choice podcast – alongside host Drew Hendry – and said: “The UK Government have said they have no intention of match funding the £500 million and this is a complete betrayal.” 

The National: Stephen Flynn

The Aberdeen South MP pointed out the fact that Scotland has given £350 billion to the UK Treasury.

The National previously ran a series on the McCone report, detailing how Norway has been able to create one of the best welfare states in Europe through its national oil fund.

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Norway’s oil fund is worth more than a trillion dollars while the UK Government never set one up – despite oil being discovered in the North Sea as the early 1960s.

The oil and gas sector is in a period of transition, with many workers worried for their future, as oil is phased out to tackle the effects of climate change.

To combat this, the Scottish Government has spent £12 million on a Transition Training Fund – which will allow skilled oil industry workers to retrain in the green energy sector – with 87% of those partaking in the scheme finding new jobs.

The UK Government has also been criticised for leaving Aberdeen out of its carbon capture plans – with Flynn stating that the area was “ideally based for the scheme”.

Carbon capture is when carbon dioxide is separated from industrial sources, treated and transported for long-term storage.

The SNP MP argued the scheme was “key” is reaching Scotland’s net-zero targets.

Renewables met 97% of Scotland’s electricity demand in 2020, according to the Scottish Government.

Aberdeen is known as the oil and gas capital of the UK – however, Scotland is now a “world leader” in tidal power, hosting the European Marine Energy Centre.