LABOUR MSP Pauline McNeill has been accused of transphobia after she tweeted that she will boycott Nike over their newest women’s ambassador.

Transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, a 26-year-old Broadway actress and TikTok star, posted videos and photos to her Instagram page, tagging Nike Women and modelling one of their sports bras, indicating she had been sponsored by the sportswear brand.

McNeill, a Glasgow region MSP, was responding to a tweet from Holyrood Magazine editor Mandy Rhodes, who said: “They’re just laughing at us…”

McNeill tweeted her disapproval, indicating she intends to boycott Nike over their decision. The Scottish Labour justice spokesperson said: “No more @nikestore for me.”

This drew much condemnation, with some calling her “transphobic”.

Duncan Hothersall, editor of “Scottish Labour aligned” news site Labour Hame said: “Disappointing to see you joining in with what is a right-wing moral panic which is also being leveraged against women's rights.

“The person Mandy is quoting here has just posted an outright lie about Peter Tatchell as part of his anti-LGBT agenda which deploys paedophile smears.”

Others pointed out McNeill’s past support of the trans community.

In response to a study that found one in four LGBT patients had witnessed negative remarks from healthcare staff while accessing services, McNeill tweeted in 2019: “I have put down a PQ today to ask what the Scottish Government are doing to tackle prejudice to trans people in our public services.”