SNP supporters are calling for people to donate to the party in the wake of former chief executive Peter Murrell being arrested. 

Murrell was detained by police on Wednesday morning in connection with an investigation into the SNP's finances. He was later released without charge "pending further investigation".

The probe centres around questions over how more than £600,000 raised for independence campaigning has been spent. 

Since the arrest, SNP backers on social media have begun rallying people to give their money to the party.

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One supporter named Catriona Black said on Twitter she had given £50 to the SNP.

She said: "I’ve just donated £50 to @theSNP because I trust them to spend my money on whatever they need to bring Scotland closer to independence."

The popular MSM Monitor Twitter account also said: "Media: 'The SNP is finished, the Indy dream is over.'

"We've never asked for donations. We don't need any. Today we're going to ask our followers to donate, not to us, but to the party Unionists say we are deserting. Let's prove them wrong folks."

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Another Twitter user with the handle @annmk88 said they were angry with how the incident had been reported on by the English media.

They said: "The English media and press simply do not get the Scottish psyche. Personally, this has infuriated me enough to donate to the SNP."

Lawyer and Yesser Aamer Anwar said on Newsnight on Wednesday that independence was "a dream bigger than any one individual" as he played down the impact the investigation might have on support for self-determination.