POLICE officers were spotted searching the garden at Peter Murrell's home on Wednesday, following his arrest in a probe into the party’s finances.

While pictures have emerged of officers carrying garden tools out of the property in Uddingston – where Murrell lives with former first minister Nicola Sturgeon – there is no evidence to suggest that any digging was involved.

We previously reported that officers were seen looking in a small shed in the garden and at items such as laptops, while accompanied by a photographer.

A reporter on the scene also confirmed that no digging seemed to be involved. Peter A Smith, a journalist at ITV, said: “In response to lots of Qs about police apparently digging in the back garden of the Sturgeon/Murrell house, it seems there’s confusion.

“Police were seen holding shovels - these are believed to have been taken from the shed they were searching. But there is no evidence of digging.”

The Daily Mail even reported that the garden was being dug up, leading to many on social media jumping to this conclusion.

Murrell was released without charge pending further investigation on Wednesday evening. 

Three police vans were parked outside the Glasgow home of Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell on Thursday morning, with two uniformed officers stationed outside.

A large blue tent remains in place in the front garden of the property, which has been screened off with blue police screens.

The house and garden remain cordoned off with police tape.