The National:

IT seems even the Home Office has just about had enough of Suella Braverman.

Either that or one social media guru had thought it was about time everybody heard the truth loud and clear.

Despite their best efforts to hide the evidence, the Home Office put out a tweet on Tuesday evening which didn’t exactly read well.

“It is time to put an end to one of the great injustices in modern Britain. The Home Secretary, @SuellaBraverman”.

Sadly however, in spite of how much so many must have agreed with the sentiment, the post was later removed and replaced with one offering a bit more explanation.

As one Twitter user was quick to point out though, the Home Office twitter admin isn’t earning as much as they should.

“Somehow I don’t think that was accidental – more like a coded ‘help’ signal”, added another.

Whether it’s jetting off to Rwanda for a “disturbed holiday-album” photoshoot or, in other completely normal behaviour, denying that it is a “bit weird” her “dream” is to deport asylum seekers to the African country, it's hard to see what was wrong with the initial post. 

Whatever happened to people dreaming of being astronauts or footballers?

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A third twitter user commented: “It’s not often I can agree with the Home Office, but on this one I fully agree.”

“Absolutely spot on analysis” added a fourth while someone else said: “The tweet was perfect as it was, such a shame it’s gone.”

If you ask The Jouker, the great injustice here is that the Home Office had to take down what most of us are thinking.