THE UK Government is reportedly planning to further crack down on the Scottish Government's international activities over fears SNP ministers are using the global stage to promote independence.

The British government will hold follow-up meetings with ministers who have met with the Scottish External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson or others, the Daily Mail reported.

One such follow-up has already taken place, with Scotland Office minister John Lamont reportedly meeting with Spain’s EU minister after he had met with Robertson.

Robertson has previously accused the UK Government of “actively undermining” Scotland overseas after and said he was “bemused” by reports UK diplomats would be required to accompany him on meetings abroad.

The Daily Mail reported concern was growing in Westminster that the Scottish Government was using its international presence to promote independence.

Robertson has spoken with foreign officials about independence on previous occasions, official documents show.

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He spoke with the French Secretary of State for European affairs Laurence Boone about an independent Scotland re-joining the EU and told Icelandic officials at an Arctic Circle event that Scotland’s “constitutional journey is not static and we intend to have another referendum”.

Robertson has said previously independence was never featured on the agenda of meetings he held with foreign officials.

Robertson said: "The Foreign Secretary James Cleverly and I had a constructive meeting in November last year during which he acknowledged Scottish ministers’ need to conduct international business.

"I made it clear that I would continue to represent Scottish Government positions internationally, including on the constitution. When asked, he could not provide examples of Scottish Government ministers acting inappropriately or seeking to represent UK Government positions internationally.

“There is great international interest in Scotland’s future, and if people are keen to ask questions, I’m always keen to answer.

“There will clearly be issues where the UK Government and Scottish Government disagree, but there are important areas of shared interest, such as Scotland’s energy sector, where the UK Government must do more to support the Scottish Government in our international work.”

A Foreign Office spokesperson said: “The UK has one of the best, expansive and expert diplomatic services in the world, with people across the UK representing our interests abroad.

“We are delivering effectively for the whole of the UK, and are committed to ensuring that Scotland’s interests remain at the heart of our international agenda.”