CLUBBERS in Glasgow might have thought they were part of a very elaborate April Fool when they spotted a Hollywood legend among them last night.

Samuel L Jackson was seen enjoying the festivities at Bongo's Bingo in SWG3 on Saturday while he is in the UK filming a new crime thriller. 

Videos and photos taken by the Partick venue show the 74-year-old recording a performance by a dancer while standing at the side of the stage, then later posing with the dancers from the popular club night event.

The National: Kinky Kylie, Samuel L Jackson, Ste Taylor and Hairy Mary of Bongo's BingoKinky Kylie, Samuel L Jackson, Ste Taylor and Hairy Mary of Bongo's Bingo (Image: Bongos Bingo / Ste Taylor)

Fans could not believe what they were seeing and soon the surprise appearance was being discussed on social media.

One fan asked: "Can someone tell me why Samuel L Jackson was at Bongo's Bingo hahahahaha."

A second tweeted: "Samuel L Jackson being at Bongo's Bingo on April Fools Day is the hardest the simulation has been simulating in a while."

Another wrote: "My mum, my gran and my aunties went to Bongo's Bingo and Samuel L Jackson is there?? Is that real? I knew he was in Glasgow but why of all things he went to Bongos Bingo in SWG3??"

It comes after we reported that the Pulp Fiction actor is here filming Damaged, a new film about a Chicago detective that travels to Scotland to solve a string of murders.

He is starring alongside Vincent Cassel, The Mummy's John Hannah and Game of Thrones star Kate Dickie.