MHAIRI Black fired a pointed jibe at the deputy prime minister over a new Conservative scandal involving second earnings – asking him what his “going rate” would be.

The deputy leader of the SNP highlighted a campaign by the pressure group Led By Donkeys in Westminster, which saw former government ministers including Kwasi Kwarteng and Matt Hancock being caught in a sting when they accepted job interviews with a fake company.

She asked Dominic Raab how much he might charge for his services when he is “inevitably booted out of office”, to cheers of “shameless” from her SNP colleagues.

Black was fielding questions in an altered PMQs, which saw the party’s deputy leaders take centre stage while Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer attended the funeral of former Commons speaker Betty Boothroyd.

Black said: “In recent days, video footage has emerged of the former chancellor and the former chair of the 1922 Committee offering their services for £60,000 on top of their MP’s salary.

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“The former health secretary offered his wisdom for £10,000 a day – can I ask the deputy prime minister, when he is inevitably booted out of office, what will his going rate be?”

Raab replied: “The system of declarations is there to ensure transparency and accountability and of course the Conservatives backed tightening up those rules to make sure that there couldn’t be any lobbying.

“But can I also join with, accept to take up on her tribute to the new First Minister of Scotland. The Prime Minister spoke to him last night, we welcome him to his place and of course, the government want to work constructively with him in the best interests of the people of Scotland.”

Black highlighted Hancock’s request to be paid £1500 per hour for consultancy services – comparing it to the average pay of a nurse in the NHS.

She added: “During a cost-of-living crisis as his colleagues eye up barrels of cash from fake companies it’s the people across these isles that are being ‘led by donkeys’ and they’re sitting on those benches right there.

“Now, the former health secretary also said that he would impart his wisdom for £1500 an hour.

“Most nurses earn little above £15 an hour. Who does the deputy prime minister think is best value for money and for the public?”

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Raab responded: "I am delighted that the majority of the health unions have accepted the pay settlement we think that that’s absolutely right and she raises the issue and of course we’ve worked with, on a cross-party basis, to curb the limits on second earnings.”

He then turned to the Labour benches opposite and drew attention to the sizable interests of shadow foreign secretary David Lammy, who regularly earns fees for public speaking engagements.

Raab said: “I notice the benches on this side are curiously quiet. Is that because there there’s 10 shadow cabinet members on their benches who are taking earnings and particularly, the shadow foreign secretary looks like he certainly doesn’t want to be under the limelight.

“He’s got second earnings from 40 different sources – I don’t think they can talk about it. And as far as [Black] is concerned, we’ve done everything we can to make sure there’s transparency and accountability.”