HUMZA Yousaf has now been legally sworn in as Scotland’s sixth First Minister.

The new SNP leader took part in a short ceremony at the Court of Session in Edinburgh on Wednesday morning where he took the oath of office.

This is known as the “official declaration” and means Yousaf has now been granted the title of First Minister and Keeper of the Scottish Seal.

He pledged allegiance to the King as well as to serve him in the office of First Minister. 

The oath was administered by Lord Carloway, the Lord President, who heads up the judiciary in Scotland.

Lord Carloway told the new First Minister a “successful democratic system” must be governed by the rule of law and can only be exist “if the government affords adequate protection to the judiciary from unwarranted attack”.

On Tuesday, after being voted through by MSPs at Holyrood, Yousaf appointed Shona Robison as his deputy.

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While Kate Forbes has pledged her support for the new First Minister, she turned down a ministerial role in his government.

This was followed by trade minister Ivan McKee also quitting government after saying he had been offered a “smaller job”.

It means there are several key positions needing filled, including health and finance, with Yousaf expected to make more Cabinet announcements throughout the day.