WITH Humza Yousaf announced as the new SNP leader, The National asked the people of Glasgow to give us their views on the next first minister of Scotland and the leadership race in general.

Reactions in Scotland’s largest city ranged from delighted Yousaf backers to supporters of Forbes hoping the party can heal and unite.

The split in the SNP that we saw during the leadership race was reflected in the people we spoke to on the streets.

An interesting point to remember is that some of the leadership debates were broadcast down south, exposing Forbes, Regan and Yousaf to an audience who may never have heard or seen them before.

We even spoke to one English resident – a committed Unionist – who was very impressed by Yousaf.

Nicola Sturgeon’s colossal impact on Scottish politics was also on show, with some SNP members we spoke to keen to make their admiration for the former leader clear.