ALEX Cole-Hamilton has confirmed he will put himself forward to be Scotland's next first minister after Humza Yousaf's won the role of leader of the SNP.

The Scottish LibDem leader, whose party has four MSPs in Holyrood, has put himself in the running ahead of a vote in Holyrood on Tuesday.

Outgoing First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has already formally tendered her resignation to the King, but Yousaf does not automatically take over.

The head of the Scottish Government has to be appointed by the parliament, though it has historically been the leader of the largest party. 

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A vote will take place on Tuesday, with other party leaders potentially throwing their hats in the ring.

After the 2021 Holyrood election, both the Scottish LibDems and Scottish Tories put forward a candidate for FM, as well as the SNP. 

Commenting on Tuesday's vote for first minister, Cole-Hamilton said: “I will be putting myself forward in the vote for first minister. I believe that Scotland is at a crossroads.

“This leadership contest has shown Humza Yousaf will always prioritise breaking up the UK.

"My priorities are the cost of the living crisis, the state of the NHS and the climate emergency.

"That is what the public want to see Scotland’s Parliament focused on at this difficult time."

Earlier, Cole-Hamilton congratulated Yousaf on becoming the first ethnic leader of his party.

He added: “Scotland is crying out for a first minister who will put the people’s priorities first and be a leader for the whole country.

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“There are huge challenges facing our country but sadly Humza Yousaf has not proven equal to those challenges in his previous roles. That’s not just my verdict but that of his colleague Kate Forbes.

“On his watch, one in seven Scots are on a waiting list and his NHS recovery plan has completely failed to tackle crises in A&E, cancer care, mental health and dentistry.

“Reasonable, fair-minded people are turning away from the SNP and looking for someone who will fight their corner. This country is ready for change and Scottish Liberal Democrats will be part of what’s next.”