OUTGOING First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said she will never reveal who she voted for in the SNP leadership contest.

Her successor is set to be announced at 2pm on Monday and she said she would give whoever wins her “100% support”.

Appearing on ITV’s Lorraine programme on Monday morning, Sturgeon did not rule out taking on international work after her official departure.

However, she explained she would remain in her role as an MSP until “at least” the next Holyrood election, admitting that she is “a bit of a home bird” and that she might “put her feet up for a wee while”.

She said: “I’ve got one vote like all SNP members. I’ve cast my vote but I’m never going to say who I cast it for.

“What I will say is whoever emerges as the new leader of the SNP today and then subject to a vote in parliament tomorrow becomes our first minister, they will have my 100% support.

“I’ll be right behind them in their corner, willing them on, wanting them to succeed every step of the way.

“Because if they succeed, the party and most important of all, the country will succeed. So whoever he or she turns out to be I’ll be their biggest champion and their biggest advocate, and I would expect my party to get absolutely right behind them too.”

Sturgeon also explained some of the issues she wanted to continue working on including climate change and women’s rights.

She added: “I just have to work out the best way of doing that. I’ve been reading lots of speculation about me going to work internationally for ages now, and you know, I’m not ruling anything out.

“But at heart I’m a bit of a home bird so I’m not sure that’s what I’ll end up doing but I’ll take a bit of time to work out what I want to do.”

She continued to say that she would not be “breathing down the neck” of whoever succeeds her.

Sturgeon also said that leaving her role as leader of the SNP would “reset” her life and that she doesn’t “really know anything else” away from a life in politics.

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“I’m going to have to take a bit of time to adapt to the transition to find a different balance to life.

“So it’s exciting and also a bit scary.”

The SNP leader will be announced at Murrayfield Stadium.